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Our Name

In the 1800’s, women used beeswax to smooth their complexion. The sweltering heat of the summertime caused the beeswax to melt. When people stared, the women retorted back, “Mind your own beeswax.”


How We Got Started

“For years I’ve struggled with having very sensitive skin that is also oily and acne prone skin. I tried so many skin care products from drug store brands to prescriptions. They either left my face oily and broken out or made it dry and itchy. Many caused rashes and a few even caused pretty serious reactions. Even the natural products had too many ingredients for me and I would still have a reaction to most of them. Working at a health store, I encountered many other people with similar problems. When I discovered the oil-cleansing method I knew I had found a winner. I went to work formulating a product that I could use and that others could benefit from also. I wanted something simple and safe yet very effective. It’s important to me that products I use are natural, organic, safe and simple. I make my skin care line by the same standards. I have added several new items such as the magnesium body butter and tallow balm recently as I have found them to be a staple in our home. They are gentle and safe for the whole family and I use them on my own son.”
-Lauren Small (Founder)

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