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Important Update Regarding Product Availability

When I started Mind Your Own I had a vision that included producing a high quality, non-toxic, organic product at an affordable price. There was, and still is, nothing else like it on the market. The Oil Cleansers have done extremely well, and I am very happy that so many people love them. With the cost of ingredients increasing over the last few years it has become apparent that changes need to be made in regards to pricing. It is difficult to produce such a high quality product while keeping the price down at a level that the majority of people can afford. In addition, I had reached a point in which business had picked up a good bit, and I was going to need to bring on some extra help with production. When I started crunching numbers there just did not seem to be an attainable way to continue growing MYO while keeping prices low enough.

I share this with you because I am not your typical big box business. I’m a mom, raising a sweet little boy who is following her passion. I want to share some insight on why I am making the changes that I am. Decisions needed to be made on where and what I was doing with MYO. After a lot of thought, discussion, and prayer I decided in a big change to my business model. My original vision included branching out to many stores, since then I have had a beautiful, sweet, and wild little boy who takes up most of my time. Because of him my vision has changed slightly. I would still like to follow my passion and produce the same high quality, affordable products but with a different approach. I am going to be switching to a direct to consumer business model. I will be expanding on my product line, offering new products at the same high quality as my Oil Cleansers. Products will be sold mainly through bulk buys that will open periodically depending on demand. Most likely every 1-3 months. This business model will allow MYO to grow and offer new and fresh products along with the Oil Cleansers while still keeping the line at a lower price point. Some of the retailers that currently carry my products will continue to carry them. You can refer here to see which retailers currently carry my products.

As far as new products go, I recently released a new product, Magnesium Body Butter. It was a huge hit, selling over 100 jars in the first order. As with my other products, all ingredients are organic and sourced from the highest quality sources. This is just one of many new products I plan to bring to market in the near future.

If you would like to be notified when buys will take place please be sure to like my Facebook page, and either leave your email here or send it in a private message to be added to the email list. Please note that the oil cleansers ARE still available at the same local retailers and will be for a while.

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